• Oscar: You do the best with what you have. I have lemons, I make lemonade.
  • Michael: That's a very positive attitude.
  • Oscar: No, I hate the lemonade business. I hate the grind. You have to grind so many f****** lemons.
  • Michael: ... You're not a very metaphorical person, are you?

You're no where near as lazy as me. I would have a lazy off but I would have to get out of my bed and move and other hard shit.

Do not challenge my laziness anon. You will not win.

Anyway wouldn’t a lazy off just be competing in being lazy I mean that wouldn’t require you to get out of bed and move.

meowchan replied to your post: anonymous said:Have you listened …

They don’t have a song called Lucille

It’s a cover (originally by Little Richard).

youre so pretty and your hair is beautiful i am so jealous


So you still haven't put all the stuff back yet huh, you've got to be the laziest person in the world.

If you weren’t all the way on the other side of the room, I’d slap your face.

Have you listened to the song by The Beatles-Lucille?

I have now!

Had to look it up but yeah I’m diggin’ it.

Can you make a photoset of all the characters winks in the show?

I am entirely too lazy for that but luckily its-arrested-development has made an amazing one already!

Can you make a photoset of the moment in righteous brothers (season 2 ) where gob is singing to Michael that bryan adams song?

I have one here. :)